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Making a difference one paw at a time

Foster Caring for displaced animals is a very rewarding job.

 Most of these animals will have spent time either on the street or in the Livingstone Shire Pound.  

They are in much need of a safe haven until a permanent home can be found.  Four Paws Adoption and Education Inc works with our pound to rehome as many animals as possible.  

The more Foster Carers we have the more animals we can save.

Four Paws Adoption and Education Inc can only accept applications for Foster Caring from residents of the Livingstone Shire due to logistical purposes.

Each month our Foster Carer Coordinators arrange the delivery of food and parasite control to their carers so it is not viable to make deliveries outside of our Shire. Also our animals need to be fostered within close proximity to the Coordinators, and our local vets who perform all sterilisation and vaccination procedures.

If you have any questions please contact us to find out more.

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Four Paws Adoption & Education Inc. requires our foster carers to read the following documents prior to commencing foster care so you are fully aware of our procedures and your rights and responsibilities.

Download Quality Procedure Manual Here

Download Quality Policy Manual Here

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