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Our Success Stories

Since Four Paws Adoption and Education’s inception in April 2014, initially as a rescue for both dogs and cats we have successfully saved and rehomed many local animals. We sincerely appreciate everyone who opened their hearts and homes to a rescue pet.

We love to get photos and feedback so if you were one of our many happy adopters please send us a photo or 2 plus a few words on how things are going if you like so we can add your update to this page.

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DOB: 29 October 2017

Tommy was born into care with his 4 brothers to mum Matilda who was abandoned just a few days before giving birth. He was a very sweet little boy who loved cuddles. He often enjoyed playing with the kids when we took him to adoption days. He was eventually adopted at a Petbarn Pop-Up Adoption Day. He now lives with his family and new kitty brother in Gracemere.

Adopted: 14 April 2018


DOB: 29 October 2017

Born into care; his mum Matilda was abandoned while very pregnant and gave birth to 5 boys just a few days later. He now lives very happily in Kawana, Rockhampton. His new name is “Baxter“.

Adopted: 11 February 2018


DOB: 26 September 2017

Benny came to us on 28/11/17 with his sister Molly – they were both Ragdoll X. Ben’s new name is “Oscar” and he lives in Pacific Heights, Yeppoon with his loving new family.

Adopted: 09 February 2018


DOB: 20 September 2017

Ella was rescued from the LSC pound along with her 3 siblings Turbo, Whitney and Pepé on 18/10/2017. All 4 kittens were so loving and friendly from the start and whenever anyone came for a meet & greet these kittens were all over them. They were all “Fostered to Adopt” very quickly. Ella’s new name is “Lila” and she lives a wonderful life in Mulambin with her new family including a new brother cat Raji.

Adopted: 02 January 2018


DOB: 26 September 2017

Ben’s sister Molly came to us on 28/11/2017. It didn’t take long for this sweet Ragdoll X to be “Fostered to Adopt”. She now lives with her new family in Bungundarra.

Adopted: 02 January 2018


DOB: 20 September 2017

Whitney is the sister of Turbo, Ella and Pepé. She was the smallest of the bunch but had big personality. This pretty girl is now living with a family in Yeppoon and is making them all very happy. Her new name is “Kiki“.

Adopted: 02 January 2018


DOB: 20 September 2017

Pepé, brother of Ella, Whitney and Turbo was the quietest one of the four siblings but still friendly and sweet. When his new dad came over to meet him in view of adopting Pepé knew exactly what to do – climbed straight up on him and basically made it impossible not to adopt him. Pepé now lives in Yeppoon where he is very much loved and his new name is “Angus“.

Adopted: 13 December 2017


DOB: 20 September 2017

Turbo (brother of Pepé, Ella & Whitney) was the first of the four rescued kittens to find a home. His new mum as so quick to want him that we hadn’t even had time to name him so she called him Turbo herself once she took him home to “Foster to Adopt”. Turbo is happily living in Yeppoon with his loving new family – including dogs.

Adopted: 13 December 2017


DOB: 08 August 2017

When little Manx Darcy came to us he had a very nasty injury and was missing all his fur in a ring around his neck almost like he’d had his head stuck in a cage. Despite that he was the most friendly little guy you could meet and just just loved to play. It didn’t take long for him to be snapped up and he now goes by the name “George” and lives in Yeppoon with his loving new family.

Adopted: 29 November 2017


DOB: 24 January 2017

Little Angus, Lene’s brother was the shy one. It took a while for him to warm up but once he did he loved to follow his foster carer everywhere. He really was a sweet little guy. He ended up being adopted by the same man who adopted his sister. He took a little while to settle in to his new home but once he did he was very happy.

Adopted: 27 October 2017


DOB: 24 January 2017

Lene Lovich and her brother Angus Young were found abandoned in a box and surrendered to us on 02/03/2017. They were full of fleas, skinny and hungry. Lene was the tiny one but right from the start she was outgoing and friendly – the first of the 2 to jump up on the lounge to spend time with her foster carer. She now lives with her foster dad in Yeppoon and settled in quickly to become his girl.

Adopted: 04 October 2017


DOB: 24 February 2015

Gorgeous Anna was surrendered to us on 14/02/2017 along with her 3 x 3 week old kittens (Rosie, George and Milly). She was an amazing mum because she also took on Lene and Angus when they arrived a couple of weeks later. And then she also fed Sparky who we took on at the end of March. This beautiful lady would often be feeding all 6 kittens at once. Anna was adopted in September but unfortunately escaped out the door of her new home the morning after her adoption and hasn’t been seen since. If you’ve seen Anna please let us know. 

Adopted: 02 September 2017


DOB: 28 June 2014

Otis was rescued from LSC pound on 26/06/2017. When we see such a beautiful cat in the pound we often wonder if they are there because they have behaviour problems. We took a chance with this gorgeous blue-eyed man only to discover that he was friendly and loving. The only thing was that he did spray and his pee was very smelly. That may have been the reason he was abandoned?? However, as is most often the case, once he was neutered that all stopped. Otis was adopted and renamed “Kaiyo” and went to live in Lake Mary. However, he disappeared one day a few weeks later. If you’ve seen Kaiyo please let us know.

Adopted: 27 August 2017


DOB: 24 February 2017

George was surrendered to us on 14/02/2017 when he was 3 weeks old along with his mum Anna and 2 siblings.  He grew from a cute little kitten to a big boy with huge paws – he’s now all man. He now lives the good life with his new family in Bungundarra. He has a new kitty brother and even doesn’t mind the dogs.

Adopted: 16 August 2017


DOB: 05 April 2017

Milo was rescued from LSC pound on 31/05/2017 along with his parents Magnus & Missy. He was a skittish little boy at first but soon settled down with his foster carer who showed him lots of love and care.  Milo is now living very happily with his new family in Yeppoon.

Adopted: 22 July 2017


DOB: 09 March 2017

Tiny Sparky was found in an electrician’s shed during the floods and was brought to us on 30/03/2017. She was about 3 weeks old. Anna took her on and fed her along with her own kittens. Sparky was small but feisty. She was never far from the mind of the man who found her and he ended up adopting her. Sparky now lives in Koongal, Rockhampton and is a much loved member of the family.

Adopted: 30 June 2017


DOB: 22 September 2015

Maple was rescued from the LSC pound on 21/01/2016 when she was 4 months old. Her first foster carer family had kids with a dog named Syrup so that’s how she got the name Maple. Maple was a lovely girl who had a lot of interest but it still took 18 months for her to find her forever home. When her new dad met her he knew she was the one and made up his mind that very day. Maple now lives a wonderful life in Zilzie with a beautiful huge yard to play in and is the best mate to her adopter.

Adopted: 19 June 2017


DOB: 24 February 2017

Milly was surrendered to us on 14/02/2017 when she was 3 weeks old along with her mum Anna and siblings George and Rosie. She was the most advanced of the kittens being the first to eat solid food and wean. She was also the first to jump up on the lounge to start spending time with her carer. Milly was adopted to a lovely young lady who had always wanted a kitty of her own. She now lives happily in Yeppoon with the new name “Willow“.

Adopted: 29 May 2017


DOB: 06 May 2013

When we saw this gorgeous, desexed guy in the LSC pound we wondered how he ended up there and why he wasn’t claimed – he was obviously someone’s pet. We took him into care on 05/05/2017 and had an adopter for him immediately. He was quite feisty at first but soon settled down when he knew he was in a safe and loving place. Harry lived in Yeppoon for a little while then he moved with his new family down to Melbourne where he is enjoying the city apartment life.

Adopted: 27 May 2017


DOB: 24 April 2016

Murphy and his brother Riley and sister Maisie were only around 10 days old when they came to us on 04/05/2016. Orphaned and unweaned they were hungry and frightened and it was the first time his carer had ever been hissed at by something so tiny. For the first few days they cried incessantly for their mum. They had to be hand fed with syringes and it wasn’t long until their carer became “mum” and they settled down and became gorgeous and loving little kittens. Maisie was adopted first but the boys stayed with their carer for a few more months until a lovely family came along – initially only after one cat but couldn’t bear to separate the boys and adopted his brother Riley as well. Murphy now lives in Taranganba with his loving new family.

Adopted: 16 December 2016


DOB: 24 April 2016

Riley – brother of Murphy and Maisie – found and surrendered to us on 04/05/2016 at 10 days old. Riley was the biggest of the 3 kittens and always seemed like the big brother. Like his siblings he was very sweet and loving. Riley was a bit of a mummy’s boy and didn’t like not being able to see where his carer was. When the family who eventually adopted him brought their kids along to meet Riley and his brother Murphy – he was shy at first but then came and head-booped one of the kids and we knew he’d be OK. Riley lives in Taranganba with his new family and brother Riley.

Adopted: 16 December 2016