Four Paws Adoption and Education Inc is a small Not For Profit Charity in Yeppoon, Central QLD, Australia.

We have a small dedicated Committee – all volunteers – who work tirelessly to help reduce the number of unwanted, stray and abandoned cats and dogs within the Livingstone Shire by taking them into foster care until we can find them suitable, loving and forever homes. If interested in helping our cause in any way please get in touch. We are always on the lookout for new members, volunteers and foster carers.

Our and Objectives

A Not for Profit Animal Welfare charity whose principal activity is providing short-term direct care of animals as well as rehabilitating animals that are orphaned, sick or injured.
This care and rehabilitation covers a broad range of activities including: veterinary services for animals’ injuries, illnesses and recovery which may include surgery, general and parasite prophylaxis, first aid and transport of injured animals, washing and grooming lost animals, feeding and sheltering animals in the short term while new homes are found.
Our activities also include :
Speaking on behalf of companion animals that have become a part of our daily lives and a very important part of our community. Encouraging respect, understanding and compassion in the community for the plight of surrendered, lost and
unwanted pets.
Initiating animal welfare education programs in our schools and community.
Actively promoting the permanent adoption of displaced animals within the community.