DOB: 24/01/2017. Rosie was surrendered to us on 14/02/2017 so she has been in care for over a year. She came to us with her mum Anna and siblings George and Milly who have all been adopted. Rosie is the sweetest girl and very friendly. She is fine with other adult cats but might get a bit grumpy with them at times but she loves it when younger cats are in care with her. She will lick them like she is their mum. She just loves it when she hears the gate because that means visitors are coming – she’s not shy and will sit on the lounge with a stranger. Rosie is fully house trained, low maintenance and a small eater. She gets excited about moths and geckos and about the only naughty thing she does is scratch the screens – she wants to get out but she knows she has to be an indoor cat while in foster care. Her favourite toy is the small pink sink plug!

Below are some more photos of Rosie.

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