DOB: 29 October 2017. Johnny was born into care along with his 5 brothers. His mum is Matilda. 

Johnny is a sweet, independant little boy who is very playful. He has grown up around other cats and gets on with them.

He recently met some 4 week old kittens – he wasn’t impressed at first but soon warmed up to them and enjoyed playing with them.

He’s not an overly snuggly cat but he will come up and sit on the couch with you when he chooses to. Otherwise he loves to sit near you on his fluffy mat and purr until he falls asleep. He loves his cat toys – especially little sparkly tinsel balls.

As he was born inside he hasn’t ventured out and nor does he show any interest in going outside. He will look out the door at birds and geckos but that’s about it.

He is litter trained, desexed, microchipped and fully vaccinated. See below for more photos of Johnny.

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