Four Paws Adoption and Education Inc

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Foster to Adopt

All of our foster animals stay under the care of Four Paws Adoption and Education Inc until they are fully adopted.

No animal is adopted fully until all procedures are completed (sterilisation, vaccinations and microchip) and we have deemed the animal is ready to be rehomed.

This can mean that you may have to wait before taking a animal as your own.

In general if we take on a kitten then it cannot have its first vaccinations until 8 weeks old and then it will be another 4 weeks (or more in the case of females) after that before the final vaccinations and sterilisation can be done – as long as the kitten is deemed ready for the procedure by the vet.

We know it can be hard to wait so long especially when you just want to take your new pet home to get it settled in.

We now offer a “Foster to Adopt” arrangement to approved applicants who are willing to satisfy our criteria.

To be eligible you must be prepared to become a Member of Four Paws (and pay the Membership Fee) in order to become a temporary Foster Carer.

You must also pay the adoption fee up front and agree to take the animal to all it’s vet procedures at Acacia Veterinary Surgery (Yeppoon or Emu Park) as arranged by the Foster Carer Coordinator.

Once all procedures are finalised the adoption officially goes through and all paperwork/certificates are transferred to you.

As with all Adoptions – all fees paid are fully refundable up until 14 days after the adoption is finalised if things don’t work out.

Contact us to find out more if you have any questions.