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Desexing Subsidy
Four Paws Adoption and Education Inc is now offering a Desexing Subsidy to Livingstone Shire residents to assist in covering the costs of desexing cats and dogs. You can apply for more than one pet - fill in a different application for each one. There are limited subsidies offered each month dependent on our current available finances.
Desexing Subsidy Eligibility
The subsidy is offered to those who meet the following criteria: Reside in the Livingstone Shire; hold one of the following concession cards: QLD Pension Concession Card, QLD Healthcare Card or QLD Repatriation Health Card (Gold Card). Also your pet must already be vaccinated (within the last 12 months) and microchipped (in the concession applicant's name).
Next Subsidy Round Close Date
The next round of Subsidies close 5pm Monday 08 December 2019 unless otherwise advised. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be advised ASAP after our Committee Meeting Monday 09 December 2019 by post and/or email. Please be patient as all committee are volunteers.
Which vet surgery do I take my pet to?
All subsidy desexing procedures will be performed at  Acacia Vet Surgery  Yeppoon or Emu Park by appointment.
Our donation towards the cost of each procedure is as follows:
So you fit our criteria? What next?
The following slides contain a list of things YOU need to do...
Download our Desexing Subsidy Application Form
Click the button below. If you prefer we can post you out a copy of the form - just call us on 0478 032 910 or send a message via our Contact Us page. Once you have completed the form you can email it back to us, post it or hand it to a Committee Member at any of our events. OR you can apply using the online form below once you have your ID and certificates ready.
Download Desexing Subsidy Application Form
Vaccination Certificate
Ensure you have copies of your pet's up to date vaccination certificate. If you don't you can contact the vet surgery where you had it done and ask them to give you a copy. Remember, to qualify for the Subsidy your pet must have been fully vaccinated within the last 12 months from this application. We want to encourage responsible pet ownership.
Microchip Certificate
Find your pet's microchip certificate and send in a copy with your application. Your application will be refused if the microchip is not in the name of the applicant/pet owner. If you had your pet microchipped in your name and you have lost your certificate and you know the microchip number you can go to "Pet Address" and enter the number and the website will tell you which Microchip Registry has your pet's details - go to their site and sign up with your credentials and you  will be able to print out a new certificate.
Click Here to go to Pet Address Website
Don't Know your Pet's Microchip Number?
Contact the place it was done as they may have the number on their records. Or you can take your animal into any vet surgery and they should be able to scan your pet for the chip and give you the number. Then go to the "Pet Address" website to print out a new certificate. If you rehomed the animal from a previous owner and their name is still on the microchip record then you will have to make contact with them to do a "Transfer of Ownership of Microchip Details". Each Microchip Registry has their own procedures, forms and fees for this service and you have to contact them direct for all information and assistance.
Concession Card
Lastly, make a copy of BOTH SIDES of your concession card. Then submit to us the completed and signed Desexing Subsidy Application Form, photocopies of the concession card (both sides), vaccination and microchip certificates by email or post or you can hand Application to us at any of our Fundraisers.
Click here for our Post and Email Details
What happens after I've submitted my Application?
All applications will be considered and kept strictly confidential. Applications received each month will be decided upon at each Committee Meeting held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants will be advised by either post or email. If unsuccessful you will be welcome to apply again at any time. If you have any questions  please get in touch.

***Please read through the above slides to confirm your eligibility before completing the application process below.***